Activities Department

mind, body, spirit, healthy

Welcome To KIT Activities

It is our goal on the Kastner Campus to promote "being the best you can be in Mind, Body & Spirit"... Our Activities program has the attitude and belief that a well balanced student is actively involved in co-curricular programs on the Kastner campus.
Our co-curricular programs are an integral part of a well-rounded education for all students.
Students can get involved in lunch time activities, clubs, student government, school service opportunities & leadership classes; as well as after school sports programs.
We also provide intensive training and diverse opportunities for service learning experiences.

Our Activities Department partners with CADA , CASL & Boomerang/WEB, state wide professional and student development programs, in a desire to develop leaders with integrity and ethical decision making skills, so that they may be active participants at the local, state and national levels. These organizations work side by side with us, in their commitment to train and providing opportunities for students to be effective leaders.
Come, stay & play...the journey has just begun! "Once a Bird...Always a Bird!" From Thunderbird's to Eagles - Welcome To Kastner!