Incoming 8th Grade Information

Our current 7th grade students have had presentations during their 7th grade science class the week of Feb 26th. Mrs. McClean and Mrs. Johnson’s class met with the counselors on Feb 26th, Mr. McKinney’s class on Feb 27th and Mr. Semper’s Class March 2nd. If you’re student was absent or didn’t receive the materials you can find copies of the presentation below as well as a copy of the elective registration form. You’re Science teacher also has extra copies of the “Green” elective Registration Form. Please be sure you complete those forms and have them ready for collection the week of March 12th. Mrs. Morales and Mrs. Monroe will be back in your students science classes to complete registration. Mrs. McLean’s class will register March 12th, Mr. McKinney March 13th and Mr. Semper March 16th. If you have any questions or concerns please email the counselors or come to our Coffee with the Counselor Event Thursday March 8th. You can drop in anytime between 7:30-8:30am in the Kastner Library.


2017-2018 Incoming 8th Grade Registration Schedule

Incoming 8th Grade Handouts

2018-2019 Elective Planning Guide