Students get a TASTE of Food Science & Visits from a few Special Guests

Students get a TASTE of Food Science & Visits from a few Special Guests

May 16, 2017 at 3:39 PM

Submitted by Mrs. McLean and Mr. McKinney.

Mrs. Linzmeyer, Receptionist at Kastner, met with Peer Counseling, Mr. McKinney’s 4th period Science and Mrs. McLean’s 3rd period Science classes.  Mrs. Linzmeyer has a degree in Food Science and talked about some of her experiences in the Food Industry.   She worked for the Campbell’s Soup Co., Sun-Maid Raisin Co. and even a Toy Company. This interactive presentation included:

-showing a V-8 commercial and explaining the set design and “special effects”

-while at Sun-Maid, explaining the process of taking a concept through commercialization of the “Baking Raisin”, getting a patent, and demonstrating how raisin bread is made.

Experiments Included:

-Potato Demo:  Raw vs. Potato Chips vs. French Fries vs. Mashed vs. Baked

-Ranking Colored Lemonade:  Placing samples in order of weakest to strongest in flavor concentration

-Aroma:  Identifying foods by smell only

-Flavor:  Identifying flavor of Jelly Bellys of similar color

Some Things Students Learned:

-“Food Science is a big part of our lives.”

-“The senses can fool you.”

-“We eat a lot with our eyes.”

-“Smell + Taste = Flavor”

-“Filming commercials is hard/takes a lot of time.”

-“I’m addicted to Buttered Popcorn Jelly Beans!”


Dr. James Fugman participated in the Peer Counseling Presentation.  He talked to the students about being the 1st Principal at Kastner when it opened up in 1979!  He was happy to be back on campus and see how much the school has grown!

Chai Nakpiban and Jonathan Mathis from our Communications Dept. joined us in Mrs. McLean’s Science class.  They shared their interests, college majors, jobs and what they do at CUSD.  They had cool demonstrations with websites, cameras and videography!

Dr. James Fugman with Peer Counseling ClassFood Science potato demoStudent doing the Jelly Belly taste testStudent doing the Aroma testChai and Jonathan from Communications visiting Science classChai showing some websites he createdJonathan showing the inside of a cameraScience student who won a bottle of V8