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Academic Block Classes

AB Classes are designed to transition students from the self-contained classrooms of elementary schools to the departmentalized classes of secondary education.  Kastner AB classes cover Language, Literature, and Social Studies.
7th Grade AB Teachers with their emails hyperlinked when you click on their name.

Fresno County History Day Champions

Kastner History Day Winners!

The 1st place students will be competing at State History Day April 19-21, 2024 at Sacramento State University. We had 41 students compete at county and 21 projects. 15 projects got 1st, 3 got 2nd and 1 got 3rd….19 out of 21 projects were county award winners which means 27 students qualified for the State competition! We are SO proud of them and our advisors who dominated the competition!  Help us congratulate all of our Kastner students!


The following students placed 1st and are advancing to state:

  • Heidi Hardcastle, Grace Hull, Abigail Jack: "The 1920 Antwerp Olympic Games: Making Waves in the Emancipation of Female Swimmers and Divers"
  • Noam Feldman, Cole Jolley, Bennet Morrow, Mick Simonson: "CTE: Tackling Concussions and Safety Protocols One Hit at a Time"
  • Cole Gross: "The Brooklyn Bridge Builds a Gateway to New Suspension Structural Technology"
  • Madison Penner: "The Korean War: Navigating New Technology, Military Actions, and the Fight Over the Spread of Communism"
  • Madison Davis, Aileen Rutkosky: "The Beatles Impact on Technology, Pop Culture, and the World of Music"
  • Keegan Hagaman-Cummins, Warren Morehead: "The Louisiana Purchase: The Transaction that Changed the World"
  • Samantha Grundy: "Educating America: Brown Vs. Board of Education Tests Equality in America"
  • Misha Monga: "The Fight for Independence: How Mahatma Gandhi's Peaceful Disobedience Became a Turning Point in History" 
  • Oliver Aubuchon, Caleb Draper: "The Fall of the Berlin Wall: Crumbling Political, Social, and Physical Borders"
  • Alissa Gomez: "The Amber Hagerman Case: A Turning Point in Child Protection Throughout History"
  • Mia Romagnoli: "DNA Profiling: The Most Impactful Forensic Tool"
  • Brylee Bahr, Madeline Puryear: "Disneyland: Turning the Magic Key to a New Entertainment Industry"
  • Tia Stoffel, Harriette Wells: "America's Sweetheart: Mary Pickford Shines Light on the Modern Film Industry"
  • Eliot Karle-Bonetto: "The Beatles: Setting Records, Records Turning, Turning Point in History"
  • Rahma Fathalli: "Sputnik: Launching a new Era of Technology and Power"
  • Audrey Toket-Dunlop: "The Animal Welfare Act of 1966: Protecting Animals from Laboratory Injustices"
  • Lillian Patel, Piper Seasholtz, Isabel Reyes: "The Jazz Singer Spotlights a New Era of the Film Industry"


2nd Place:

  • Sophia Helsley, Courtlin Pulliam: "Ready for Takeoff: Air Jordan's Lift Professional Endorsements and Culture to New Heights"
  • Jacy Leung: "Penicillin: Turning the Medical World Towards Antibiotics"
  • Grace Nova: "The Iranian Hostage Crisis: Tragedy Turns to Change"


3rd Place:

  • Niko Delgado, Rex McTeer, Cooper Work: "The King of Pop: The Turning Point in the Music Industry"



8th Graders:
Interested in taking Honors English 9 next year at CW look for information during CW 9th grade presentation or talk with your current AB teacher here at Kastner.
See Video HERE
Due by March 11, 2024 by 11:59pm
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