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Academic Block Classes

AB Classes are designed to transition students from the self-contained classrooms of elementary schools to the departmentalized classes of secondary education.  Kastner AB classes cover Language, Literature, and Social Studies.
7th Grade AB Teachers with their emails hyperlinked when you click on their name.

Fresno County History Day Champions

Kastner History Day Winners!

History Day winner pic

The picture above shows students that earned 1st , 2nd, or 3rd at the county competition on March 12th. The 1st place students will be competing at State History Day, in Rocklin, CA on May 6-8th. We had 30 students compete at county and 17 projects. 13 projects got 1st, 2 got 2nd and 1 got 3rd….16 out of 17 projects were county award winners! Some of our students were also featured on the news:


The following students placed 1st and are advancing to state:

  • Cora Beene and Arja Batth: Diplomacy in Yosemite Valley Debating Conversation and Preservation with the Creation of a National Park
  • Yuvraj Varaich, Nolan Yang, Matthew Grundy, Matthew Fagan: The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge: Debating Conservation vs. Industry and Finding Diplomatic Common Ground
  • Rebecca Lopez-Badella, Kendra Valencia: The Speaker’s Conference and the Evolution of the Representation of the People Act of 1918: Debating Inclusion Standards and Demanding Diplomatic Answers for Women’s Rights
  • Olivia Cameron, Jaina Grant: The Treaty of New Echota: Debating Land and Diplomatic Arguments
  • Jocelyn Hanson: The Liberator vs. The Little Giant
  • Bennett Cords: Debate and Diplomacy: the Potential United States Boycott of the 1936 Olympic Games
  • Rawan Ahmed: The Original Nine: Debating and Searching for Diplomatic Solutions in Tennis’ Gender Pay Gap
  • Ryan Salazar: The Non-Proliferation Treaty: The Key to Global Security and Diplomacy
  • Anna Poochigian: The Dinner Table Compromise of 1790: A Diplomatic End to the Debates on Hamilton
  • Eliza Taylor, Keira Ngo: Jane Addams: Demanding Debate and Leading Diplomacy for Women’s Suffrage
  • Hailey Marinovich, Kennedy Morrow, Sophia Oka-Fedder: Radium Girls: Debating Workplace Safety and Advancing Diplomacy for Future Generations
  • Aleia Morrell, Kamyla Gomez: Extra! Extra! Newsboys Debate for Fair Wages and Labor Rights and Find a Diplomatic Solution
  • Gabrielle Franklin, Elisabeth Howell: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory: Tragedy Leads to Debate and Diplomatic Solutions in Workplace Safety and Labor Laws


2nd Place:

  • Ellie Murillo: Hetch Hetchy Dam: Debate and Diplomacy in Preservation and Conservation
  • Sayge Perryman: Debating the Global Consequences of Napolean’s Systematic Approach to Diplomacy


3rd Place:

  • Boston Bahr, Liam Logan, Olaf Muchalski, Matin Tais: The World Holds their Breath: Debating Nuclear Morality and Escalation While Finding Diplomatic Solutions During the Cuban Missile Crisis


I am also attaching below the news clips done on the event:


Channel 24: Students featured (Ryan Salazar, Cora Beene, Arja Batth, Ellie Murillo, Jocelyn Hanson)



Channel 30: Student exhibit projects featured (Jocelyn Hanson, Ellie Murrillo, Kamyla Gomez, Boston Bahr, Matin Tais, Olaf Muchalski, Liam Logan, Eliza Taylor, Keira Ngo)





8th Graders:
Interested in taking Honors English 9 next year at CW look for information during CW 9th grade presentation or talk with your current AB teacher here at Kastner. 

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