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Dress Code

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It is important that all students are in dress code when on our campus.  Dress code will always be enforced.  For clarification, we have attached some picture guidelines to assist everyone with knowing what is allowed. 

Update Feb. 26th, 2021:
Dress code for our Thunderbirds will be a little lenient due to locker rooms being off limits at this time.
Students will need to come prepared for P.E. with workout attire already on.  Students are allowed to wear tights/leggings for P.E., however students must wear a long shirt or sweater to cover their back side. 
Starting Monday, March 1, 2021 all dress code will be enforced.  
Parents can refer to the back to school power point/video.  
Students will be sent to the Thunder Cluster Office when out of dress code.  

Few quick reminders:
  • Shorts May Be Worn All Year & May Not be Shorter Than Mid-Thigh.
  • Tank Tops must have 2-inch strap.
  • Fresno State gear No “Bulldogs” or Bulldog logo.
  • Shoes “ no slides” or must back strap.
  • Hats Must be solid school colors or Kastner/ Clovis West. No other writing or logos.
  • Face Mask Required on campus. 
  • Hairstyles, No unnatural hair colors, Designs cut in hair. 
  • Camouflage no military-type camouflage.
  • Professional Sports Gear, College sports gear is okay.
  • Jeans no, Frays, Rips, and Tears (even if it was purchased that way.
  • Exceptions during hybrid instruction leggings will be allowed until covid-19 restrictions are lifted.  Students who choose to wear leggings, must wear a long top to cover their bottom.   

Picture friendly dress code handbook

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