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Year-Long Electives 
Colorguard: (7th & 8th Grade)
      Colorguard members participate in two dance recitals during the year and all colorguard members participate in the competitive winterguard during second semester.  The colorguard is also part of any parades in which the Kastner bands participate and they will also perform at the CUSD Band Night.  There will be a try-out day for students interested in joining the colorguard, students will be notified following try-outs if they have been selected to be on the team.  There are after-school and weekend practices, as well as performances which are all mandatory to attend.  This is a year-long course. 
Physical Education- Zero Period or Lunch Time PE : (7th & 8th Grade)
      Pre-Requisite : In order to be accepted into Zero Period or Lunch Time PE, students must be enrolled in two performing arts (Instrumental Music and/or Choir) classes, or accepted into an application elective (Leadership, Peer Counseling, AVID, Robotics, Yearbook) as well as participating in a performing arts course (Instrumental Music and/or Choir). 
      *Students will be expected to be dressed out and ready to participate, 5 days per week.  Zero Period PE begins @ 6:45am and Lunch Time PE is during students lunch hour.  Priority registration will be given to bus riders for Lunch Time PE.  These courses fulfilll a students' PE requirements.
Physical Education- PE Strength and Conditioning: (8th Grade) 
      Students in PE Strength and Conditioning will have an opportunity to improve muscular strength and endurance.  Students will study the muscular and cardiovascular systems, nutritional aspects of fitness and assess body composition.  Students will still complete PE fitness testing, run the mile, and participate in PE units.
Robotics:  (7th  & 8th Grade)
      Pre-requissite: Application required to register This course is designed for students who are interested in the FLL First Lego League and computer programing.  This course will incorporate the study and programming of robots, design of Lego robots, programming of robots and robotics competitions. Participating in this course will offer students an opportunity to try-out for our competitive robotics team.  There are a limited number of spots available in this course so all applications will be reviewed by course advisors and students will be notified whether or not they have been selected for the course. 
Spansh  I: (8th Grade)  
      Spansh I is an introduction to the language.  Vocabulary and grammatical structures will be presented through the thematic units with emphasis on oral, listening, reading, and writing expressions.  Students will develop an appreciation for Hispanic culture and the influence throughout the world.  Students who complete this course with 85% or higher and are passing AB , Math, and Science with A's and B's can go on to Spanish II.
Collaborative Mentoring: (8th Grade)
      Pre-Requisite: Application required  to register This course is designd for students who desire to help others with special needs.  These general education students are what we refer to as Mentor.  Mentor students will work one on one with a special education student in elective courses.  Mentors will develop leadership skills, learn problem solving skills, and behavior management techniques.  Mentor students will assist their partner with projects in their elective course.
Semester-Long Electives 
Film Studies: (7th  & 8th Grade)
      This is a course that focuses on the historical study of film in America.  We will view some of the earliest films before sound, and examine the life of the actor, directors, and writers involved.  Students will watch films from different genres and will be required to complete reflections and critiques which will enhance their writing.  
Art: (7th  & 8th Grade) 
        Art introduces students to a variety of drawing, painting and design skills, and sculpture techniques.  It is designed to provide each student with the opportunity to attain skills to express him/herself creatively, to respond to visual elements in the environment, to understand the cultural origins of art; and to analyze, interpret and evaluate art.
Computers: (7th & 8th Grade) 
      This course is an introductory computer science course that empowers students to create authentic artifacts and engage with computer science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun.  It is an accessible and engaging course for all students,  regardless of background or prior experience.  The course focuses on the skills that enable students to create and express themselves in a variety of contexts and media.  Whether they are developing their own website, designing an app, building a game, or creating a physical computing device, students are empowered to bring their ideas to life. 
Robert Lowder: Ceramics, Advanced Art, Art
Anukina Garrison: Beginning Drama, Inter. Drama, Advanced Drama 
Gera Bahr: Film Studies 
Michelle Reed: Computer Science 
Tyson Frye: Computer Applications 
Martin Palavicini: Spanish 1 
Vincent Oraze: Robotics, Computer Science 
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