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Meet the Kastner Admin. Team

  Administration and Office Personnel

Staff Photo - May Moua

May Moua

Staff Photo - Jami Ribera 
Jami Ribera
Office Supervisor 

staff photo - Heather Burton 

Heather Burton
Attendance / Registrar

 Staff Photo - Brenda Toney 
Brenda Toney
Data Processor / Student Body

Staff Photo - Betty Fender 
Betty Fender 

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Police Services

  Health Services
 Staff photo - Mee Yang VU 
Mee Yang Vu

Staff photo - Lisa Weatherson 

Lisa Weatherson

  Soar Transition Team
 Staff Photo - Oracio Moreno 

Oracio Moreno
Transition Coordinator

Staff Photo - Amber Kalustian 

Amber Kalustian
Transition Coordinator 

  Lightning Cluster
 Staff Photo - Katie Doherty 

Katie Doherty
Learning Director

Staff Photo - Allison Giacobbe 
Allison Giacobbe
Learning Director 

Staff Photo - Tami Calderon 
Tami Calderon
  Thunder Cluster
 Staff Photo - Sam Villagomez 

Sam Villagomez

staff photo - Norma AlbaRojas 

Norma AlbaRojas

Staff Photo - Victoria Garcia 
Victoria Garcia
 no photo available - Thunderbird logo 
Trent Taylor

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Gracie Brunt


  Strike Cluster
 Staff Photo - Debbie Monroe 

Debbie Monroe

Staff Photo - Johanna Morales 

Johanna Morales

Staff photo - Lisa Levatino 

Lisa Levatino

  Library & Cafeteria
 Staff Photo - Stacey BukilicaStacey Bukilica
no photo available - Thunderbird logo
Sandra Mattinson
Kitchen Supervisor
  Custodial & Maintenance
 Staff Photo - Custodial Staff 

Junior Galicia
Plant Supervisor

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Dione Magnanao
Night Lead

no photo available - Thunderbird logo 

Cody Stout

  Additional Support on Campus
 Staff Photo - Brittney Beer 

Brittney Beer

Staff Photo - Brenda Evers 

Brenda Evers

Staff Photo - Haylie Shaterian 

Haylie Shaterian

  Teachers (Alpha by Last Name)
 Staff Photo - Alexis Accardo 

Accardo, Alexis
AB 7th / AVID 7th

Staff Photo - Karson Allen 
Allen, Karson
Math 8 

Staff Photo - Mark Avila 

Avila, Mark
AB 7th
 Staff Photo - Stephanie Barcellos 
Barcellos, Stephanie
AB 8th

Staff Photo - Gera Bahr 
Bahr, Gera
AB 7th / Film Studies

Staff Photo - WingSau Baskin 
Baskin, Wing Sau
 Staff Photo - Barbara Bethel-Dorr 

Bethel-Dorr, Barbara

Staff Photo - Eric Bishop 

Bishop, Eric
AB 8th 

Staff photo - Larry Brown 

Brown, Larry

 Staff Photo - Ken Canales
Canales, Ken

Staff Photo - David Castle

Castle, David
Activities / Leadership

No photo available - Thunderbird logo
Castro, Neil
 No photo available - Thunderbird logo

Chahal, Gurleen
7th AB

Staff Photo - Kevin Cole
Cole, Kevin

Staff Photo - Diane Foster
Foster, Diane
AB 8th
 Staff photo - Mitchell Francis 

Francis, Mitchell

Staff Photo - Tyson Frye

Frye, Tyson
Math 8 / Comp. Apps. 

Staff Photo - Theresia Gaffney
Gaffney, Theresia

 Staff Photo - Anukina Garrison

Garrison, Anukina
Drama / Film Studies

Staff Photo - Stephanie Gray
Gray, Stephanie
PE / 504 Coordinator

Staff Photo - Emma Guerrero
Guerrero, Emma

 Staff Photo - Kyle Humphreys
Humphreys, Kyle

Staff Photo - Bridgette Jaurique
Jaurique, Bridgette

Staff Photo - Shelley Johnson
Johnson, Shelley
Science 7th & 8th

 Staff Photo - Matt Karsevar
Karsevar, Matt
Science 8th

Staff Photo - Scott Larios
Larios, Scott
Math 7th

Staff Photo - Brittany Letson
Letson, Brittany

 Staff Photo - Robert Lowder
Lowder, Robert
Ceramics / Adv. Art 

Staff Photo - Zeke Lyons
Lyons, Zeke

Staff Photo - Mike Malatesta
Malatesta, Mike
 Staff Photo - Keely McGee
McGee, Keely
AB 7th / AVID

Staff Photo - Reggie McLean
McLean, Reggie

Staff Photo - Matt Mikolavich
Mikolavich, Matt
Athletic Director 

 Staff Photo - Korine Minyard
Mooneyham, Korine

Staff Photo - Dennis Moebes
Moebes, Dennis
Math 7th

Staff Photo - Lindsay Mora
Mora, Lindsay
 Staff Photo - Layne Nagamine
Nagamine, Layne

Staff Photo - Nick Niedhamer
Niedhamer, Nick

Staff Photo - Arianna Ochoa
Ochoa, Arianna
AB 8th / AVID 8th 

 Staff Photo - Vince Oraze
Oraze, Vince
Math 8th / Robotics

Staff Photo - Kelsey Ostrander

Ostrander, Kelsey
Dance PE

Staff Photo - Martin Palavicini 
Palavicini, Martin
 Staff Photo - Dava Parks 

Parks, Dava

Staff Photo - Aaron Penberthy 
Penberthy, Aaron

Staff Photo - Michelle Reed 
Reed, Michelle
 no photo available - Thunderbird logo 
Renfro, Richelle
Math 7

Staff Photo - Vincent Rodriguez
Rodriguez, Vincent
AB 7th Academic Seminar

Staff Photo - Christy Rossi
Rossi, Christy
 Staff Photo - Laura Schultz

Schultz, Laura
AB 7th / AVID 

Staff Photo - Michele Shurtliff

Shurtliff, Michele
AB 7th

Staff photo - Grace Sledd 

Sledd, Grace

 No photo available - Thunderbird logo 
Umfress, Zachary

Staff Photo - Riley Warner
Warner, Riley
Science 8th

Staff Photo - Chelsie WiebeImage Caption


Wiebe, Chelsie

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