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Solar System
Students in seventh and eighth grade receive foundational science instruction in Life Science (7th grade) and Physical science (8th grade). Based on math placement and recommendations, some seventh-grade students may be enrolled in Advanced Science 7.  Based on prior course work and recommendations, eighth grade students may be enrolled in Physical Science, Honors Science 8, biology, or honors biology.  All students will receive the study habits, critical analysis skills, and lab techniques necessary to prepare them for high school science.
Science Programs offered at Kastner:
General Science 7 and 8
Advanced Science 7 
Honors Science 8
Science Teachers with emails hyperlinked to their names. 
Science 8th Grade:

Recommended Individual Classroom Supplies

Recommended Student Supplies List

 Adequate supplies of #2 pencils and erasers

 A highlighter

A spiral bound notebook for class notes & assignments.  This will be crucial in order to be successful in Science class.  It will ultimately contain everything we do in Science & will be graded.  It should be college ruled and have 200 pages minimum.  “1-3 Subject” Spiral notebooks are acceptable.  I also encourage a notebook with a heavier cover if possible.  

College-ruled, lined paper

Composition book for Science Dailys

Homework, Labwork, and Projects

Each academic unit will consist of the following items which will contribute to the student’s grade:

Unit Introduction activity/notes/reading…

Daily Starters

Homework (will vary)

Vocab quizzes per unit

3 Checkpoint quizzes per unit

1+ Lab Activity

1 Unit Exam/Test

Homework and projects are due at the beginning of class on the due date.  All work turned in is to be done neatly on lined binder paper in student’s spiral notebook(not torn out).  Unless otherwise allowed, work is NOT to be turned in electronically.  Late work will be accepted however it will receive reduced credit.  If a student does not complete assigned assignments on time (s)he will be assigned lunch homework lab or detention to complete it for late credit. 

You should keep your notebook neat, organized, and current all year long.  This is your evidence to counter any errors that may arise in calculating your grade for the class.  Please contact me as soon as possible, if you suspect errors in your grade.   


A final grade will be determined by a combination of exams, quizzes, homework and classwork, lab activities, and projects.

Grade Determination

                   Grade Categories                     Grading Scale

          Exams……………………………………………….50%                     A = 100 – 90%

          Quizzes……………………………………………..20%                    B =   89 – 80%

          Labs, Homework/Classwork, etc………..30%                 C =   79 - 70%

                                                                                                   D =  69 – 60%

                                                                                                   F =  59% - lower

Science Fair

Science Fair image for google site

A chance to innovate, discover, and create while making new friends, staying up-to-date on current science topics, and competing for significant prizes.

Want to learn more?
Contact Ms. Guerrero or click on her Science Fair Google Site for more info.
Kastner 2021-2022
We had quite the successful night at Fresno County Science Fair! 
Here’s a breakdown of awards we received:
Special Award – American Chemical Society
  • Matin Tais 
Earth and Planetary Category
  • Matin Tais (1st Place – 8th Grade)
  • Moving on to California State Science Fair and Broadcom Masters 
Engineering Category
  • Jocelyn Hanson (2nd Place – 7th Grade)
Environmental Science Category
  • Leilah Collins & Daisy Moadab (1st Place – 7th Grade)
  • Moving on to California State Science Fair and Broadcom Masters 
Medicine and Health Category
  • Loujain Fathalli & Evalyn Gomez (1st Place – 7thGrade)
  • Moving on to California State Science Fair and Broadcom Masters 
  • Kylie Ivanoff & Claire Yang (2nd Place – 7th Grade)
Overall, we had three 1st place projects and 5 that placed! Looking forward to watching students continue with the CA State Science Fair and hopefully the national Broadcom Masters competition. Thank you for everyone’s support!!
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