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“As part of its educational mission for students, Clovis Unified School District allows both curriculum and non-curriculum related student clubs to meet at school during non-instructional hours (e.g., before classes begin, during lunch period, club schedule, after classes end). The Governing Board believes that curriculum and non-curriculum-related student organizations can have an important place in students’ lives. Besides extending and reinforcing the instructional program, such groups can give students practice in democratic self-government and civil social discourse, as well as providing social, intellectual, and recreational opportunities.
Non-curriculum-related student clubs and the viewpoints and speech expressed at meeting of such clubs do not necessarily reflect the views of the Clovis Unified School District or the Board of Education.

Who can join a club?
If eligible under applicable District eligibility standards, your student will have the opportunity to join one or more such clubs and to attend and participate in the meetings of any club that he or she joins. However, you have the right to inform the school in writing of any particular student club in which you do not wish your student to participate.  Consent to participate will be presumed without written notice to the contrary.” (Policy 2505)

AASU Club: A variety of talking points from campus life for our students, feeling accepted on campus by students and staff, how to be a productive student and by passing the stereo types. Discuss social issues that students must face. Main goal is to impower students with knowledge so they can make the right choices in life while learning their history. AASU club is open to ALL nationalities but the focus is on African American History.

Advisor: N. Montgomery and meets every last Wednesday of the month in the SOAR office.

Anime Club: Brings together fans of the popular cartoon genre to watch, discuss and create all things anime.

Advisor: R. Lowder and meets in room, K2, on the last Thursday of every month.

Asian Club:  The Asian Club promotes understanding and learning of the diverse Asian cultures.  Club members participate in researching and sharing of the various Asian ethnicity, traditions, lifestyle, music, and food.  Asian Club is a great way to meet new friends and share cultural commonality.

Advisor: W. Baskin and meets the 3rd Wednesday at lunch in F5.

Book Club:  An opportunity for students who like to read and to discuss novels from a variety of genres. Our first book is a mystery/thriller. This year we will also read historical fiction and realistic fiction. If students can’t afford a book, one will be provided to them!

Advisor: C. Cline and meets every other Wednesday in D-5 beginning September 25.

Campus Life Club: A fun and high-energy club that welcomes all students. It is a place where you will experience a combination of exciting games, mixers and discussions. Come in and hear from dynamic speakers as they share their journeys through life. Engage in real-world conversations and encounter God in a new way!     

Advisor: R. McLean and meets every Thursday at noon in C5

Chess Club:  All students are welcome to come in and play chess, eat lunch, and socialize.

Advisor: R. Renfro and meets on the third Tuesday of each month

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes):  A non-denominational Christian sports club. Speakers (coaches, athletes, and pastors) are invited to bring a message that combines faith and sports to inspire student-athletes to be positive leaders in the classroom, on the campus, and in their sports.

Advisors: S. Gray & K. Ruhl and meets every two weeks on Tuesdays in the gym

Latino Club:  The Club consist of Multiple Nationalities and informs kids that no matter what their background is or their circumstances they can become successful if they are determined. Hosts the C.U.S.D. Middle School Latino conference in March that consists of guest speakers and break out groups.  

Advisor: Officer Ceron and meets on the last Thursday of the month in the LMC.

Pokémon Club: The club welcomes all students who enjoy all things Pokémon, including trading cards and playing games. 

Advisor: D. Foster and meets in E2 every other Wednesday at lunch.

Random Acts of Kindness: (RAK for short) is a gathering of students whose aim is to spread kindness on campus, in our community and around the world.  Students in this club meet once a month to work on a service project, collect donations, beautify the campus and deliver kindness gifts/notes to staff and students. 

            Advisor:  A. Garrison and meets 2nd Tuesday of the month during lunch.  

Robotics Club:  A gathering of robot enthusiasts with a focus on preparing for the FIRST LEGO League.  Students learn to build and program EV3 robots to complete varies missions.

            Advisor: V. Oraze and meets in E-4 every Tuesday and Thursday after school

Videogame Club: Students come together in the spirit of fun and camaraderie to talk about and play their favorite games. From card and board games to computer and video games, all students are welcome and have a safe place to interact, relax and have fun. 

Advisor: D. Castle and meets 1st Wednesday of every month.

YouTube Club:  A space where students learn the basics of filming YouTube Videos (i.e. lighting, cameras, editing software), without publishing any YouTube content.  Students have the opportunity to share ideas of what might be something they’d want to film, what’s trending, and what YouTubers they enjoy.  They work in collaborative groups with content that has the same focus whether that’s ‘gaming’, ‘vlogging’, ‘animation’, ‘life hacks’, etc. 

Advisor: S. Larios and meets the 2nd Monday of each month.


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